What does the job require

What does the councilor's job require it requires a good reading ability, From the age of ten to fourteen I lived in hospital I read doctors books.

At age 14 I had lost 4 years schooling however, I was reading doctors books from age 10 and living in a hospital surrounded by adults.

Discharged from the hospital at 14 I underwent academic tests I had UE level reading maths science and biology. I had come out of hospital gifted.

I do have to say I am disabled but very able to accomplish targets I set myself.

I am a fix-it man, firstly I fell from my pushbike in my own street aged 10. I spent 4 years in the hospital getting fixed.

I had to learn firstly to breathe then walk and talk, I completed all 3 missions.

I left school at 16 and went into an industrial wireman apprenticeship

I then qualified as an appliance serviceman then more training I became a TV video servicemen.

In the 80s I worked for century 21 electronics manufacturing and servicing amusement machines such as Space invaders

I then started my own business with a round of 2000 amusement machines across Auckland to service.

In the late 1980s, the telecommunications business was deregulated a huge amount of shops opened selling phones cordless phones answer phones banana phones.

I started Auckland telephone services employing 4 disabled people. I made enough money to buy my first house the worst house in the best street