Reduce rates

Glen McMillan Okara Ward 2019

Reduce rates that is what I keep hearing from the candidates in Whangarei, reduce business rates. Will this work?

Would it be possible to give businesses significant rate reductions and also lower residential rates?

Seems to me at Government level politicians always offer tax cuts, but if they deliver it is only to the rich.

I am learning fast a lot of these candidates know the reality of their call for fairer rates, they keep talking about business rates, I rarely hear residential rates get mentioned.

I think there is a reason residential rates are rarely mentioned.

This is my opinion those that are offering rates reviews are often protecting their self-interests. really they want business rates lowered residential rates are not talked about this is what will very likely happen.

If these people get into power they will indeed look to cut rates for a business, to fund this they will be looking to increase the residential rates.

We need new people in council people that have the interests of the community at heart and not so much self-interest.

I would like to work with the council to change things for the better for all our residents with a focus on Okara Ward

I take a common-sense approach to life. I face many barriers, as do many disabled people. I have been removing these barriers for more than 40 years and I would bring this skill to the council.

I moved to Whangarei 6 years ago having lived in Auckland running my own businesses. I purchased a house tucked into the bush in Riverside close to the Riverside Marina. Whangarei is now my home.

I am Co-chair on the WDC Disability Advisory Group.

I like what Whangarei District Council (WDC) is doing with infrastructure in Whangarei.

I have a disability and I drive a V8 but I use a mobility scooter or a wheelchair as well I have a voice disability and a video channel

Please turn the volume up so you can hear me.