Northern Rail Link

Glen McMillan Okara Ward Whangarei.

I want to have a talk about the Northern rail link upgrading the network to take freight from Northland to Auckland and vice versa.

Firstly the government would be needed to fund the railway from Auckland to Whangarei and a spur line to Northport a lot of work is needed and the realignment of State Highway 1

The railway line between Auckland and Whangarei is 130 years old in some places and not in good condition It needs to be closed completely or upgraded obviously we want it to be upgraded.

I don't think anybody any single person within the council would be able to make that decision, we need teamwork here so we need to get everybody on board we obviously need Government to fund this.

Things I would like to do it when I get elected to council for Okara Ward because I will have the opportunity to work with the other councilors. it's now that we need to be negotiating with the government over North Rail.

This is a long term plan certainly don't let anybody tell you it will be quick at least 4 or 5 years but likely longer.

My research tells me that between Auckland and Whangarei there will be at least 7 railway bridges needing rebuilding and 13 tunnels will need to be redone to handle larger heaver freight

And the short-term financial benefit of the extended rail line is not huge or main export from Northland is logs, it will get the logs of the roads and the truck's of the roads and everybody wants that.

The long-term financial benefit can be huge but only if Northport expands considerably to become a major container port. Long term Northport could replace Auckland ports.

Rail for Whangarei

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