My world view

Glen McMillan Okara Ward 2019

I read I watch the news I try to understand the big picture of what is happening in the world as well as my own city.

We need to run this city of Whangarei like a business, external forces in other parts of the world will have an impact on our city of Whangarei and the whole of New Zealand.

The attack on Saudi Arabia and the oil-producing platforms brought a petrol price increase quickly to NZ our people are already smuggling a raise in expenses like petrol will quickly bring hard times on us the people of New Zealand.

This time it seems petrol prices will return to normal soon, but we need to prepare for the possibility of bigger longer-lasting turmoil. We are living in difficult times.

USA and China are in a trade war England is in a Brexit deal or no deal, the future is uncertain.

Hong Kong has uprisings people demanding change.

The world housing bubble is heavily supported by China and other developed economies. Banks all over the world are playing with fire repeating the same greedy mistakes as in the past.

The world economy is teetering on recession, as in every recession it is the lower social-economical groups who suffer the most.

Chinese leaders are calling for money to return to China this may lead to big falls in property prices not only here but to other counties, many real estate prices the world over are dropping.

Many New Zealand homeowners are mortgaged to the maximum they can afford.

Our biggest city Auckland has become unaffordable to many workers. In the current state of turmoil the world is in, this could happen a petrol shock suddenly $4.00 per liter, all other prices would follow a 25% rise in food costs because of greatly increased freight costs.

We need to be prepared we have a small city we need to become more sustainable. Water quality we need to look after our water better and stop selling out to business interests.

Many parts of the world are seeing populations realizing that too few people control too much wealth while a vast majority of the worlds population struggle

What can we do in Northland to become more self-sustainable?

In our Northland communities, we need economic transformation, strong families a “bold and aspirational view of what we want for a future high-income, knowledge-based Northland.

We need to develop globally competitive firms – to be able to respond effectively to competitive pressure, we need to cash in opportunities whether domestic or international.

We need to upskill our people, capital, finance, technology, ideas, entrepreneurship, and aspiration. to be successful, Whangarei needs globally competitive firms with a certainty of access to effective and efficient infrastructure, including transport, energy, IT, and water and waste.

We need Innovative and productive workplaces skills and training issues are constraining the productivity growth of our business and industries.

Foundation skills, literacy and numeracy need to be addressed alongside top-end skills. We need to develop, attract and retain highly skilled technical and creative people.

We need environmental sustainability. Whangarei’s environment underpins much of our economic and export activity. The environment can be seen as providing the platform for the economy, now and into the future.

Auckland as our leading city, Auckland needs to be better connected to Northland both by rail and road. Our Northland region will benefit from a well-functioning Auckland and can help drive Auckland’s economic transformation.

Northland and its economic transformation needs should be a national priority.

The model for enhancing economic growth in Northland describes a strong partnership between the private sector, Iwi, and central and local government, with an acknowledgment that the government’s role is to provide the platform on, and in which individuals and communities can undertake a sustainable economic activity. It is this sustainable economic activity which derives mutual and individual wellbeing.