Writing as Chair of DPA Northland.

I told the DAG that accessibility at fritter festival had been fairly good in past years and it has been but this year it was not.

Really this is about day to day life for disabled in Whangarei and Northland
My ambitions with DPA stretch further than just Northland.  

DPA Northland or WDC DAG the end goal is the same better acceptance and better farcilites and planning for disabled of Northland.

When Santa arrived on a segway, there was an accessibility plan in place, this should be a standard way of doing things.

25% of Northlanders have some form of disability

At fritter 2019 I watched a young boy about 12 yo in a small electric wheelchair, I felt sorry for the poor kid trying to get passed, people were spilling drinks twice in just a few minutes the young boy had drinks spilled on him.

The adults many intoxicated were not even noticing the young boy trying to get passed. It is sad that no planning is put in place at some events but is at others.

My connection is with the disabled community, before sending you an email I did speak with Elinor about Fritter and what had happened, Elinor said she knew it would be bad that’s why she did not go.

Elinor’s comment sums up what a lot of disabled people feel, a lot do not go out because moving around can often be a struggle.

DPA Northland and WDC DAG want to see a change that will reduce the amount of unnecessary struggling for disabled people.

But any change needs to be actioned to make real change count. The accessibility at events in Northland needs to be better planned and actioned. 

Tony Gill and the DPA Northland members have great knowledge about accessible access

Glen McMillan
DPA Northland  

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