International Day of Persons with Disabilities Whangarei part 2

It does require money to set up but also motivation and training many of these organisations that attended are run by volunteers, who often sit in offices crammed with brochures, effectively the way the day is run is to get these people out of their office with all the brochures piled on a table.

But they normally sit in a quiet office so on the day in question people sat behind their tables quietly, not a lot of excitement in that, music was to loud to have a conversation.

Award of the day goes to Papermill, the young lady that runs this is bubbly and outgoing the disabled people she works with are keen to show their work.

The award for the laziest unmotivated stall goes to Workbridge Whangarei, I twice approached them but because the music was so loud I was hard to hear, and frankly, the Workbridge staff were so disinterested in interacting with me.

Finally a two-minute break in the music I was close to the Workbridge stall I took my chance to go over and talk to them.

I picked up a brochure, and I could speak to them, they replied sorry we are packing up my friend has somewhere to go, they scooped up the brochures and left, the day still had two hours to run.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

My opinion Awards

Award of the day goes to Papermill

Workbridge gets the poo poo award

Disabled people can race too

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