Glen McMillan 2019 owns a house in Riverside Whangarei New Zealand.

Age is taking its toll I am struggling to walk any distance I have also hurt my right shoulder.

The good I own and run a website design company and publish online, I am disabled I advocate for disability rights. I have applied to be on the Whangarei council DAG disability advisory group, I am currently chairman of DPA Northland Here

My needs firstly I need more paid work, secondly, I need to help improve the lives of other disabled people, I can do this working with Councils DHBs and Government. Looking at things others do not see, barriers for the disabled are everywhere, a lot of these barriers are simple to remove.

I believe if you do not ask for change you will not receive change, I see barriers others do not even notice, below an oversize step leading to a substandard path, people were having falls here, look at the bottom photo to see how barriers can be removed.

An oversize step leading to a substandard path
A newly installed safe pathway

My aim is to improve the lives of disabled people by removing barriers to living a good life. In March 2018 I formed an online Disability Advisory Group for the whole of New Zealand, locally I have worked with Northland District Health Board for better accessibility, the DHB has installed new metal bollards at the pedestrian entrance ways, they have also changed some designs in their seven-year plan to allow better accessibility because they have been made more aware.

I am now building a working relationship with Whangarei District Council, WDC is becoming more aware of accessibility issues and taking measures to improve accessibility in our city, I made 10 submissions to the WDC long term plan many of my ideas are now written into WDC planning

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