Success did happen we rented a warehouse in New Lynn and employed 5 people 4 of them disabled. Auckland Telephone Services employed these people for a number of years. This business feature on TVNZ on a program called Success

After 3 or 4 years the retail price of telephones dropped which had an effect on our turnover, I had brought a house in Auckland, we had a solid customer base. I decided to build a cottage office on the rear of my section.

We really needed our customer base to follow us and they did, we reduced our overheads. I was now learning website design and more importantly website optimisation.

Our main income would remain electronic repairs I approached sony with the idea I could repair playstations and continue to employ disabled technicians to do the work. No was the word from Sony, they wanted no part in that at all, but we did what we wanted and did it well.

With my newly learned website design and optimisation skills.
Here is one of my past businesses Playstation Repairs, lots of light of death repairs and data recovery. We got our work by being number one on Google

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