This is a request from DPA Northland for WDC to please consider

Accessibility for battery-powered mobility devises in Whangarei. The issue of having powerpoints located around the city and available for the purpose of charging mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs or mobility equipment, an example would be the Hatea Loop which is lighted so power is available. Public power points could be installed at these locations
1# Canopy Bridge
2# Parking Te Matau A Pohe
3# Pohe Island BMX track opposite Weka and Wave
4# Weka and Wave
5# Whangarei Dog Park
6# Onerahi end of Hatea Loop walkway

These would have to be labelled with a recognisable wheelchair only symbol and clear rules.

We would like Whangarei to be an example of accessibility in a New Zealand city. I suspect the cost-benefit ratio of such an idea would be huge, the worry some disabled go through thinking will the battery get them home. I have twice come across wheelchair users on the Hatea loop that has run out of battery, Ideally, these powerpoints would be installed across the city. The Hatea loop is very popular for mobility devise users, just five powerpoints would cover this large area. The cost for WDC installing these would be minimal the benefits would be beneficial to many people, I believe WDC would quickly find these popular.

Glen McMillan
DPA Northland

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