DPA Northland

I think we are going in the direction of improving outcomes for 25% of this cities population, We will make sure people go to the correct support service, simply by better connect and information availability online.

Different DPA members will accomplish different things in their own fields of interest.

I want to encourage everybody.

Personally, I use a mobility scooter so my thing is accessibility, Now as a scooter user I was having problems with some entranceways, I watched elderly people using walkers going over speed humps on the driveways because footpaths were not safe.

Our local blind harp player Jackie had had falls, she had complained to ASB Walton street and WDC without result. the step at ASB was overly high and narrow. 

Jackie has a right to safe accessways, if she is having problems or falls, then she stands up for herself, but nobody appears to be listening.

Jackie does not know me well, but I know her and I go in to bat for her when others fail

I took issue with the bank who blamed it on the landlord, I spoke about this at a WDC DAG meeting only to have one DAG member complain that I should not be doing these things because landlords can not afford it.

Was this WDC DAG member representing the interests of the disabled or were they lobbying for business interests?

Should the blind person accept getting injured to save the landlord some money?

Please look at the photos, ASB and WDC did nothing I got this result in 5 weeks

Jackie no longer falls here as the step is gone

Jackie no longer falls here as the step is gone

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