Glen McMillan born in the late 1950s a boy in a family of five, 3 brothers and a sister, mum, and dad, I was the youngest of the boys, my brothers taught me to speed on my pushbike.

And speed I did two months after my 10th birthday I was speeding down my own street I ran into roadworks just being dug.

It was 1970 I was 10 years old helmets for bikes has not been invented. I hit a pothole at speed, roadworks landed 20 feet from my bike lost consciousness for 32 days spend almost four years in hospital, I have been disabled 49 years now, a helmet may have saved me. Please make your kids wear helmets on bikes and scooters

I am bottom left before my accident

During my almost 4 years of hospitalisation at such a young age family visited every day, but no kids to play with. I was isolated living with adults doctors nurses cleaners, I could neither talk or walk, I learnt adult empathy and understanding. I could read and did doctors books lots of them. This early accident meant no schooling for almost 4 years.

When discharged from hospital I was 14 and sent to a primary school for disabled from 5 to 18.
I would become a pioneer of mainstreaming into New Zealand schools, very quickly returning to a normal school sitting scholl cert at 16 and starting my first job as an industrial wireman shortly after my 17 birthday

Mainstreaming into New Zealand schools I was one of the pioneers in this

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