When I have had to visit the Whangarei Hospital I normally arrive on my mobility scooter, there was no accessible way from the footpath into the car park, I had to use the car entrance, I could only just squeeze past the barrier arms, leaving the hospital grounds I always felt unsafe having to use the roadway.

I contacted the right people I prepared my case that two designed pedestrian entrances were both blocked by car parks, I gave them a plan I had written up to solve the problem, the photos of the results below are exactly as per the plan I had produced, the DHB did there own plans which was very much exactly as I had suggested.

I worked with Brett AttwoodFacilities ManagerNorthland District Health Board.

Such a pleasure to work with we also discussed the DHB seven-year plan and went over the expansion plans in a meeting at my office, I recommend quite a few changes to there plans in relation to accessibility now and 7 years forward, many DPA members may not know about the work I have done

pedestrian entranceway no longer blocked
Second pedestrian entrance no longer blocked Whangarei Hospital

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