DPA Northland is a political movement. We want to help support all people in our community that need support! I have disabilities, many people do, certainly, our members do, but DPA also needs the support of nondisabled people.

As above our function is not as a social club our function is to ask for change and greater integration into the community for disabled people, in short, we listen to issues and talk to the right people in order for these issues to be resolved for the good of the whole community. We do not supply professional support and services for individuals or groups. We need to be working with councils DHBs Government, we need to be lobbyists, we need to be seen by media we need to find a way to get councils DHBs Government to do more about employment for the disabled.

Give us employment and many other issues would be solved at the same time. DPA Northland is a Disabled Persons Assembly that includes all disability groups. … Your impairment could be physical or sensory, you may have a learning disability or experience of mental illness or your disability could be neurological, health or age-related.

I think DPA Northland needs to continue on its current path my personal working relationship with WDC and Northland DHB is very good I will start 2019 on a gentle roll and ease WDC into a better understanding of the needs of this cities disabled community. I have read some good things about Waikato DPA and their success in having such an accessible community.

I hope you are reading this Gerri I learned from Gerri to present things in an emotional way to get the best interaction going. Its well under way WDC and Northland DHB are embracing change already they are learning empathy, this teaches them how to cater for all and think about what they are doing.
Glen McMillan
DPA Northland

1974 I was a pioneer of mainstreaming disabled into normal schooling
Front page Auckland star 1974

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